Our licensed Lab partners are a COLA accredited full service reference wit anatomical pathology services.

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About us

NuGen Labs provides marketing, sales and administrative services for ancillary laboratory test services, throughout Florida and the island of Puerto Rico.

 Through strategic partnerships, we offer full-service laboratory with an extensive menu of tests including histopathology, anatomical pathology, microbiology and molecular testing. We work with physicians, hospitals, allied health professionals and other healthcare systems to provide a technologically advanced Clinical Integrated Network services. Utilizing industry leading equipment including the latest technologies from ThermoFisher, Luminex Aries and Biofire FilmArray. Our partners are CLIA quality standards and COLA accredited.

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We work with patients who are insured and uninsured to make sure your health stays the number one priority.

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Our highly trained staff and top-of-the-line medical technology is the best in the business. With over 20 years of expertise, we work with the most trusted names in laboratory services in Florida  

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Not only are we highly trained and affordable but, with multiple Patient Care Centers across the state of Florida


With multiple locations in Florida, our patient care centers are ready for you .


20 years helping patients Live a Healthier Life


Patient focused to help with your wellness needs


48-72 hour turn around Lab Results